Spotlight Speaker Special:
Website or Landing Page Redesign

Did you know it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website and decide whether they’ll stay or leave?

If you’re going to step into the spotlight and steal the show this year, you can’t afford to suffer from ‘webarrassment’ or poor user experience when it comes to your website – especially on mobile devices. 

The truth is that you can be the greatest, most charismatic and compelling speaker in the world...but if your website doesn’t impress event planners, you won’t get the chance to, either.

Your speaker site is more than your digital business card. Often, it’s the very first comprehensive impression of you that event planners get.

That’s why I’m offering a Spotlight Special to redesign the homepage of your website on WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace by Valentine’s Day 2024.

The total investment is $1997 with half due upfront and the rest upon completion.

But act fast, because I only have room in my schedule for 10 projects

Fast-Action Bonus!!

The first 3 people to sign up in the next 24 hours will receive entire suite of complimentary social media graphics and banners for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Design Process

  1. The entire process begins with a Questionnaire followed by a Kickoff Meeting to review your responses. During this meeting, we'll cover what platform your site is built on and what access I need to be provided.

  2. Following that meeting, I create a mood board consisting of suggested color palettes, typography, and/or stock photography that can be used on the homepage. We'll also make a list of any already existing creative assets that I'll need.

    We'll also cover any updates you'd like to make to the navigation and site structure.

  3. Next, I create a wireframe and design mockup to show the flow of the homepage and where certain elements should exist, like your Fabulous Free Offer or a button to your Signature Offer sales page.

  4. Once the wireframe and design have been signed off, I'll build a demo of your new homepage separately from your live site so there are no impacts to your business while we collaborate.

    This is where I do all the technical tweaking and coding behind the scenes to make sure it looks good on most devices.

  5. Once the demo has been signed off, we'll archive your existing homepage, and replace it with the newly designed homepage during a timeframe where you have the least amount of traffic or eyeballs on your site.

  6. Then we launch and celebrate your freedom from cringing at your website! 🎉


Website Design Examples