Small Business Flight School

The 6-month program to double your revenue.

One-Time Payment: $2495 | Payment Plan: $479/month for 6 Months

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The number one fear of small business
owners is running out of money.

Without a proven plan for growth, that’s exactly what will happen. 
When you’re guessing at how to grow your business you:


Constantly worry
about cash flow


Waste time and money
on strategies that don't work


Feel like the chaotic
startup phase never ends

What happens in Small Business Flight School

Each month, we'll focus on a key area of your business and walk you through the action steps you need to execute. It takes about 5 hours a week over a 6-month period to complete the Flight School training and action steps.

The 6 key areas of your business we'll be covering are:









Overhead + Operations



By the time you’re done with the program, each area of your business will be prepared to fire on all cylinders and you’ll have a growth plan ready to go that actually works.

If you’ve been looking for an easy, proven growth plan you can implement quickly, you’ve found it.

Stop guessing at what you need to do to grow your business and use the next 6 months to become a confident business owner with more revenue and a healthy, scaling business.


I'm Ali Taylor - Your Flight School Coach

I specialize in helping professional service businesses create clarity and alignment around their mission and operations so they can have greater revenue, ease, and impact.

I offer coaching in the following formats: One on One, Small group, Workshop facilitator, or as a Keynote speaker. He specializes in the following industries: Retail/Consumer, Financial, Insurance, Non-profit Organizations.

What to expect in Small Business Flight School

Follow frameworks to increase your revenue

Dedicate time each week to learn and implement the frameworks to start seeing results.

A plan to overhaul your entire business

Get access to additional online on-demand training, tools, and resources.

A community of growth-minded business owners

Through the Flight School online community, you’ll join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices.

Get weekly insider training from business experts

Get feedback on how to apply the frameworks in your specific business and industry.

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How It Works

Do you want help to eliminate the uncertainty and painful setbacks in your business?
Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

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It’s not too late to pull your business out of a nosedive

If you’re tired of wearing a ton of hats, having a growth plan that doesn’t work, and feeling isolated as a business owner then this is the right program for you.

It's time for your business to fly far and fast. Join Small Business Flight School today.

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