The Inbound Methodology

From Strangers To Customers To Promoters

In an era of smartphones and #selfies, the way that people buy and search online has completely changed. But the way that most businesses go about marketing themselves online is completely entrenched in old-school methods that have been proven to be less effective.

What dominates our attention today is no longer whichever company has the biggest budget to the buy the most ads on the limited TV channels or in the newspaper publications that had the largest distribution.

While we have endless choices and near unfettered access to search for the things that matter to us, we’re fierce guardians of our time. Only those companies or businesses that produce quality, engaging or useful content are rewarded with our attention.

Inbound Marketing is all about realigning your content strategy and overall marketing campaigns with your customer’s interests and how they like to consume information in order to engage with more relevant prospects for your company.

The Four Marketing Actions

Attracting website visitors is great, but wouldn’t you rather attract the right kind of visitors that are valuable for business? Traffic volume is nice but the quality of the visitor is better. As the competition for the attention of your audience increases, the need for something more for your online presence to stand out is important.

Now that you have more qualified visitors coming to your website, you’ll want to offer something of great value in exchange for their contact information. Convert these visitors into leads by crafting useful, downloadable offers in the form of ebooks, whitepapers, videos, or checklists using your buyer personas as the foundation. The is step one in optimizing your website for lead generation.

Now that you’re generating more qualified traffic and leads to your website, it’s important to continue nurturing these leads with the right content at the right time in order to help close them into customers. Using your buyer personas to execute a personalized lead nurturing strategy will successfully shorten the sales process because you’ve already invested in qualifying and educating your leads.

Remarkable content for visitors, leads, and your current customers is the core of inbound marketing. Now that you’ve converted that lead into a customer, you need to continue building that positive brand equity that you’ve established. Tactics such as social monitoring, exclusive content, and additional support helps to create brand advocates who deliver referrals to your business.