Make More Money & Build Your Reputation with WiFi Powered Marketing

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Retail is dramatically changing.

Many brick and mortar locations are struggling while e-commerce sites like Amazon continue to thrive and flourish.  Even though consumers spend most of their time online, the reality is that over 94% of purchasing still takes place in the physical world.

For establishments like bars and restaurants, WiFi is a standard expectation – from checking in on Facebook or posting pictures of food on Instagram and Facebook. Statistics confirm that 29% of people use Facebook or Twitter during dining.

A typical interaction goes like this: customer walks in, dines, uses the internet and then walks out. If you or a member of your staff doesn’t personally interact with that customer, they leave without a trace.

And people are busy, so getting them to go online and fill out your customer survey is more work for them which they’ll promptly forget about once they leave.

There’s a smarter way to identify and engage a customer in a two-way communication: WiFi-Powered marketing.

Digital intelligence for the real world–for real businesses.

WiFi powered marketing is a way for bars, restaurants, services, or any business with a waiting room to offer their guests free wifi through a branded captive portal, that customers can log into for free WiFi using their email address or social media account.

Zenreach is a simple and powerful platform that delivers automated smart messaging, incorporates a comprehensive CRM, offers tools to manage your reputation in real-time, analyzes walk-through rates™, and more. The platform collects information on a customer’s visit frequency, age, gender, and location.

Turn Your Waiting Room into Revenue

How does it work exactly? Once you’re set up with a Zenreach access point and/or router, your customers will get instant access to free, fast, and secure WiFi. Send the right message at the right time with automated campaign tools that are personalized to each individual customer down to their behavior, demographics, and more. Default Smart Messages include:

  • First-time customer
  • Repeat customer
  • Loyal customer
  • Lost customer
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary

Each trigger and its corresponding message is completely customizable.

Build reputation with good reviews

Zenreach gives you the power to manage your reputation in real-time, letting you point happy customers to some of the most popular review sites while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.

Are you a bar, restaurant owner, or local business looking to transform your waiting room into revenue? Get started with WiFi powered marketing from Zenreach today!

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