Instagram’s New Post Notifications Feature

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Instagram Post Notification

Today’s newest update from Instagram brings two new creative tools: Color and Fade, allowing you to use the Color tool to adjust the tints or shades in your photo using a specific color. The designer and amateur photographer in me loves that feature.

However, what I’m most excited about as a marketer is Instagram’s feature that allows you to set Post Notifications. Simply Measured posted an excellent article that details 5 ways that brands can utilize the feature.

Instagram Post Notification Feature


I highly recommend paying attention to bullets 3 and 4 which suggest activating the post notification feature for your most influential followers and for your competitors.

Turn on Instagram’s new post notifications feature for your most influential followers:

If you’re not sure who your most engaged and influential followers are, you can use the statistics feature from Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) to find out. Just click on the “Rolling Month Analysis” to see your 10 most engaged followers.

Active the Feature for your Competitors:

It’s highly likely that you already know who your competitors are but do you know what their Instagram marketing strategy is or the value of their followers? There’s a lot of potential for gaining a creative edge on your competitor by winning over their audience and increasing brand engagement for yourself.

I recently downloaded an app called Crowdfire that integrates with both Twitter and Instagram to give you insight about your non-followers, fans, and “copy the followers” of your competitors.  Click here to check out and download the free, ad-supported app.

It also comes with the really cool feature that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts.

Marketing where your audience is:

Instagram is definitely one of my favorite platforms for businesses and brands. It’s a powerful tool that hasn’t been fully utilized and I believe this new feature definitely amplifies its potential. However, make sure that you’re continually reaching out to your target audience where they may are; not where you want them to be.

If you’re not entirely sure where that is, feel free to contact us today so we can assist you in defining and refining your buyer personas.