Boosting Brand Awareness One Snap Story At A Time

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Facebook and Instagram tend to dominate the social media marketing scene while Snapchat gets left in the dust by many businesses. From industry leaders to small businesses, building a Snapchat profile has the social power to boost brand awareness.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. A single snapchat lasts for ten seconds while being viewed by a follower and continues to remain on your story for 24 hours after being posted. Now imagine how much you could say to your consumer base in the span of one day.

Building Your Follower Base

Snapchat works better for companies trying to market themselves when they have a large fanbase. Make sure to promote your snapchat presence by blasting your username across your company’s other social media channels.

You might want to consider doing a “snapchat takeover” if you are interested in increasing your follower base even more. You do not have to pay a well-known influencer in order to do a takeover. Different people have different followers they engage with. Allowing someone to promote your brand across their channel before taking over yours is a simple, yet effective way to extend your outreach and attract new followers.

Getting Started

Snapchat stories can be utilized in a variety of ways to capture the attention of your followers. Do you have a new product that is close to being released? Are there any upcoming deals or promotions that you would like to market to your consumers? Use your snapchat profile as a platform to create anticipation from your follower base by posting teasers through photos or videos.

As their motto states, “Life’s more fun when you live in the moment.” Allow your snapchat story to be filled with media content of behind-the-scenes happenings. This is a really creative way to offer viewers an insider’s look that they might not otherwise have a chance to experience. Also, make sure to capture plenty of moments going on if you have any sort of promotional events occurring. Not only will you gain attention from your followers, but some might even become enticed to stop by your event for a visit.

Spreading Brand Awareness

Now what if there was a way to allow other snap chatters the ability to market your company for you while visiting these events? Snapchat’s latest Geofilter feature provides the solution to this at a small cost. You can now create your own Geofilter that incorporates your logo or event happening into an overlay. The design will then span a designated area, or “geofence,” for a specific time period once purchased. Snap chatters within that area will then be able to swipe on the available overlays and select your Geofilter to add to their snap. Snapchat even offers you the ability to view analytics from the overlay in order to discover the outreach it had.

Closing Remark

Create a snapchat account to build the type of strong social media presence your business deserves.