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Traditional web design is broken. You are wasting time and money on your website … and you don’t even know it.

Traditional website design is finite in its timeline. You build a website based on assumptions of what will work best from the customer’s point of view. The website is built, published, and left alone.

A couple years later, you realize the website isn’t working as good as it could be and is falling behind-the-times, and you go through another costly redesign.

6 Reasons To Adopt Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design, on the other hand, is a new concept that questions that old paradigm.

  • What if a website was always evolving to leverage consumer behavior metrics?
  • What if your landing pages were always getting better, and converting better?
  • What if your buyers’ journey, and navigation were always being tweaked to build a better user experience?

These are all questions Growth Driven Design answers. It’s a new way of thinking about website design.

This eBook will guide you through 6 reasons you should seriously consider choose growth driven design the next time you feel your website needs an update.